Pool Landscaping

Pool Deck Options

The area surrounding the swimming pool, also known as pool deck or pool patio, completes the whole style of the entire space. It should have enough space for lounge chairs and tables and also have a welcoming feel for family and guests. When deciding on the material to use for landscaping this area, many home owners choose between a concrete or interlocking pool deck.

Concrete and Interlock Pool Decks

It’s About Style, Durability and Safety

Different materials yields different styles. Concrete decks are less inviting but more sleek whereas interlock pavers are versatile and can accommodate any design your heart desires. Concrete has a limited number of colour options compared to the endless selection of hues that pavers have to offer.

Interlock pavers are non-skid, non-slip which helps increase the poolside safety. After prolonged exposure under the scorching sun, it does not overheat, making it comfortable to walk barefoot around the pool deck. To get an idea of how much it would cost for landscaping enhancements with interlocking stone, check out our article on “How Much Does a Vinyl Inground Swimming Pool Cost”.

Pool Area Landscaping

Mayascapes Pools’ sister company, Markstone Landscaping has been transforming commercial and residential pool decks for over 10 years. Specializing in both concrete and interlock paver installation, our collaboration makes building your very own in-ground swimming pool experience a breeze. To get a better idea of our experience in pool area landscaping, click here to read some of the things we do when installing pavers around your pool deck.

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