Fibreglass Inground Swimming Pool

Fibreglass Pools Installation

Fibreglass swimming pools are one of the most popular type of material for inground pools in Ontario. While the initial cost to install fibreglass inground pools is higher than vinyl pools, it provides the best return on investment over the long run given the savings on maintenance costs such as chemicals and heating.

Faster Installation

Inground fibreglass swimming pools are pre-manufactured off-site, allowing them to be installed within 3-4 days from breaking ground.

Lower Heating Costs

The fibreglass material acts as an insulator and retains heat better than vinyl pools, leading to significant savings in energy costs.

Easier to Maintain

While vinyl swimming pools are more cost effective upfront, fibreglass pools require less maintenance over the lifetime of the pool.

Extremely Durable

Fibreglass pools are very durable and stronger than vinyl or concrete pools.  You also don’t need to re-do the liner every five years.

Photos of Fibreglass Pools We Have Installed

3 Easy Steps to a New Fibreglass Inground Pool

Turnkey Fibreglass Pool Installation

Working with Mayascapes Pools is a turnkey process for all homeowners dreaming of getting an inground swimming pool in their backyard. We install fibreglass swimming pools (as well as vinyl inground pools) in the GTA, and we take care of all the permit process for you.

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