Fibreglass Inground Pool Installation Process and Timing

How long does it take to install a fibreglass swimming pool in the GTA?

Are you thinking about getting a swimming pool in your backyard and interested in learning how long it takes to install a fibreglass pool? Our step-by-step guide below will walk you through the process of a fibreglass inground pool installation. Typically, from excavation to the installation of the fibreglass pool itself, the process can be completed within one week. The landscaping around the pool area can range from two days to two weeks depending on the specifics of the project.

Note that this timeline excludes project design/approval and permit acquisition time. Once we have finalized all the details of the inground pool project with you, we will take care of the Pool Permitting process, and this may take from two weeks to one month, depending on the municipality in the GTA. To learn how much to budget for a fibreglass pool for your backyard, read our article on the average costs for fibreglass pool installation in the GTA.

Step By Step Fibgreglass Pool Construction Process

Site Preparation and Coordination

Prior to excavation, we conduct a site visit with you to pinpoint the inground pool location. We will also address all logistical aspects of your pool installation project, including the involvement of electricians, gas technicians, and any other property-related considerations.

Excavation and Initial Landscaping

We will start on the excavation of the ground for your inground pool and, if necessary, associated landscaping activities. This is typically completed within a two-day timeframe.
Framing and Screed Pool Surround

We will construct the pool’s surrounding framework and meticulously adjust it to the contour of the fibreglass pool, ensuring precision and alignment. This step is typically completed in a single day.

Fibreglass Pool Installation and Backfilling

We utilize a crane to facilitate the precise installation of the fibreglass pool, and conduct meticulous adjustments to achieve optimal levelness. We will commence backfilling of the pool area with high-performance bedding (HPB) and water. This step is typically completed within a day.
Concrete Collar Pouring and Equipment Pad Framing

We pour a concrete collar around the perimeter of the inground pool, serving as a foundation for the stone coping and ensuring structural integrity of the pool. Simultaneously, we will frame the equipment pad.

Equipment Installation and Site Cleanup

Once the fibreglass pool is in place. we proceed with the installation and configuration of all pool equipment. We also commence yard cleanup and/or initiate landscaping efforts around the pool area. This step typically ranges from two days to two weeks based on project specifics.

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