How much does a vinyl inground swimming pool cost?

Budgeting for an Inground Swimming Pool in your Backyard

Here at Mayascapes Pool, we believe that the best way to grow a relationship is transparency, which is why we are outlining the fixed costs that comes with installing a vinyl inground pool in your property, as well as the variable costs such as landscape enhancements. Click here for pricing details for fibreglass swimming pools.

Base Fixed Cost

The biggest fixed cost for installing an inground swimming pool is the pool itself. With a size of 16’x30′ with the regular options (includes pump, heater, lights), the pool will cost approximately $60,000 (plus taxes).

Variable Costs

There are plenty of additional features and options associated with the pool build. This includes bubblers, deck jets, laminar deck jets, size and shape of the steps (fiberglass vs. vinyl over steel), and safety cover. Depending on what you pick, these options could add between $10,000-$15,000 to the project.

Note that the shape of the pool you choose will not affect the cost of the build, but the cost of labour may change, especially if you plan on getting stone coping. Stone coping, which is the stone that goes around the pool after the concrete deck or skirt has been poured, will typically add $400/linear ft to the base cost*. Accessibility to your backyard and the type of machines needed will also have an impact on costs.

* When we give you a swimming pool build quote, we will outline all the costs associated with an inground pool install including the services that will be performed by other vendors. To get more details on these services, please read our article “Understanding your Inground Pool Quote”.

Average costs to install a vinyl inground swimming pool in Ontario

Below is a breakdown of the costs involved related to getting a new vinyl inground pool for your backyard.

Common Vinyl Inground Swimming Pool Costs

Pool install, 16’x30 $60,000.00
Gas hook up, based per linear foot $1,500.00
Electrical hook up $5,000.00
Replace damaged sod $2,000.00
Permit fees (depends on which city/municipality you live in) $500.00
Total Base Cost $69,000.00

Additional Landscape Enhancements

Interlocking stone (average 600 sq ft) $15,000.00
Coping for around pool $7,000.00
Total Enhancements $22,000.00

We hope this article gives you a good overview in terms of how much it costs for a vinyl swimming pool in your backyard. Feel free to contact us if you are thinking about getting a new inground pool to enjoy this summer. It typically takes a total of three calendar weeks from the day we break ground to complete the pool construction process. So contact us today and we can go through the various options and you’ll be one step closer to getting your own backyard oasis.

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